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Art Award 2006


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This year's award winner was Lizzie Watts...

Cabo de Gata Beach Summer Scene
Acrylic on canvas

Still Life
Oil on heavy paper

Mountains of Cabo de Gata
Oil on 'Georgian' oil paper

The beach scene was worked with a palette knife.  The still life was painted in layers 'thick over thin' after the design had been blocked in with pure acrylic colour.  The acrylic layer was both the foundation of the painting and also to seal the paper in preparation for the oils.
The mountains were painted in very thin layers of oil, starting with a very diluted base to create the design and then being allowed to dry before starting the next layer. Finally, texture was added to the foreground to create the grasses.


The Art Award is available to students of
Blundell's School. 
To find out how it is
made go to the Art Award Page by
clicking on this picture link.

All artwork on this page is the
copyright of Lizzie Watts.



Two different treatments of
the church at La Fabriquilla. 
The 'cubist' style work is in
acrylic and magic marker.


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