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During this anniversary year of the Battle of Britain we remember those who gave their lives for our freedom.  Listen now to The Dam Busters March and Patriotic Music sung by the combined choirs of the Devon and Cornwall Constabulary in 1987.  The musical arrangement is by Andrew Goddard, the soprano soloist is Dorothy Baker ( Gillett ). They are accompanied by the Stan Hacking Wind Band. 

Orchestra by Gordon Maddock
impression of orchestra in acrylic by gordon maddock
Oil on canvas

Click here for email contact about anything to do with art or music. I would like to hear from you.

Music 1 by Gordon Maddock
"Music 1" abstract in purple and yellow by gordon maddock
Acrylic on canvas
Music 2 by Gordon Maddock
"Music 2" abstract in purple and yellow by gordon maddock
acrylic on canvas


Publication of a book for children " Plink, Plonk and the Plankettes " including a song written by Gordon Maddock and arranged by Dr. Michael Walsh.  Please see special page re. details. 
Click on link below. 

To hear the song please go to the Contents page in headers above on this website.

The below link will also take you to the backing track for that same song so you can sing along once you have purchased the book!


Gordon is a bit of a musician himself. 
He plays the keyboard and harmonica
and also composes. 
 For many years he sang in 
male voice choirs, operatic societies 
and musical groups and now does
some song-writing and composing.
He collaborates with
Andrew Goddard, Dr. Michael Walsh and Dr. David Lucas
thus achieving professional arrangements.
Gordon is a member of the International Guild
of Song Writers an Composers.
" The world is a stage, the stage is a world
of entertainment! "


Fleximusic is a great site for musical composition, with
a great range of applications to help you make
your melodies reality...

Beautiful Morning
sheet music for song beautiful morning

Sheet Music.
As well as sheet music published and illustrated on this page, obtainable from Westcountry Music via the link in favourites; additional new sheet music is available direct from Estudio Campana.  Enquire for details by email please.
A recent ANTHEM FOR EASTER written by Gordon and set to an organ and choral arrangement by Dr. David Lucas is now available.  This is a must for any cathedral, church choir or group looking for an exciting new anthem for next Easter.  It will raise the roof!

Lyrics by Gordon Maddock and music for
Beautiful Morning composed by David Lucas. 
Many thanks to David for his co-operation
in this project, inspired by and written for
the schoolchildren of South Africa, especially
in Hankey and St Francis Bay, Eastern Cape,
and at Mount Moriah, Durban.
Every school should include this one.  The children love it!

Click on the sheet music on the right
to visit Andrew Goddard's web site
at Westcountry Music.  Andrew has
kindly collaborated with Gordon on 
Ikky Ikey O'Cool 
and other songs which can be
found on Andrew's web site.

Ikky Ikey O'Cool the Eskimo
sheet music for ikky ikey ocool by gordonmaddock
A song for children by Gordon Maddock

Song arranged by Andrew Goddard, Westcountry music.

Mabel.....latest PR photo shoot pic...September 2010

Maria Isabel Perez...........Professional name ...MABEL.   To listen now, VISIT MY OTHER WEBSITE www.gordon-maddock.com/estudiocampana and click on ' NEW LIVE MUSIC' and ' Maribel's Music Page ' in the headers.  New recording not to be missed! 

Maribel also provided the Spanish translation for my latest book for children " PLINK, PLONK and the PLANKETTES " and will be recording the song published in that book in Spanish.
The Link below will take you to my other website for MARIBEL´S MUSIC PAGE.

Also visit MABELSPAIN on YOUTUBE for all her latest videos.

CLICK HERE TO VISIT www.gordon-maddock.com/estudiocampana for 'New Live Music 'and 'Maribel's Music Page '.


Coro parroquial de Ribadesella, Asturias.  Watch the TVE 1 programme when Dorothy talks about the choir and life in

An excellent mixed choir in Asturias.

Click on this link to watch and listen to Dorothy in Asturias.

For contact  email corolafuentina@gmail.com

Details of future concerts will be published when received.

Now visit their new web page...still under construction.....but please go there NOW !

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