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Favourite Links


Click on here for BARE HILL PUBLISHING and BLURB BOOKS For details of how to obtain Books on Art and Photography.


Alistair D.C. MADDOCK

Top-Notch brewer at work......
Alistair D.C.Maddock

Martyn Thompson
Photographer and saxophonist

MARTYN THOMPSON. CABO DE GATA PHOTOGRAPHY. Please click on this text link for full details.

WIKIGALLERY.ORG...the largest Gallery in the world!

Please take a look at this Gallery. The largest " open community " Fine Art Wiki Project in the world.  Just click on the above text/link.

Now click on this link for....

Silva Y Velazquez. Handmade Oil Painting Reproductions - sponsor wikigallery.org.

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If you would like me to add your Logo as a link
to my website, then just ask and send me details!

Science Fiction novel " FAR OUT "
Fiona Faith Ross.. ............well worth reading.

Available as a download from various e-book sellers, inc. AMAZON.


By Fiona Faith Ross

Please click on this link for more information about Fiona´s book..."FAR OUT"


Police Heritage of the Devon and Cornwall Constabulary and more. Click on this link.

For excellent prints of cards and all art work contact THINK-INK.

Click on the text above to visit THINK-INK

For best advice on dog behaviour and training....
click of the above to contact Sarah.

The latest books by Howard Headworth
Contact Howard at headworth@telefonica.net for full details.

For best Curry advice...visit THE CURRY CLUB website www.patchapman.co.uk by clicking on the NEW CURRY BIBLE below or contact Pat Chapman direct for more information at pat@patchapman.co.uk


musical composition at your fingertips!


Agora Gallery Chelsea New York


FOR PROPERTY RENTALS AND MANAGEMENT IN SAN JOSE, SPAIN..... ..........CONTACT NINA BAILEY (34)649 042 012 OR CLICK ON THIS LINK NOW! nina@sanjosespain.com or visit the website.


Gordon's new book, PLINK, PLONK and the PLANKETTES supports this charity. Please see book details in headings on Home Page and click on the below logo to obtain your copy.

Link to Dream A Way website

link to Society for All Artists web site

I belong to The SAA.
Art Club Membership
Magazine and on-line Shopping

Link to page in this site Fuzzy Moonraker Memories

Fuzzy Memories,
Fuzzy Moonraker Memories,
I Was,
 Sir, Your Fuzzy Obedient Servant and PLINK, PLONK and the PLANKETTES 
were all designed and produced by

link to Tony Grey's web site for book Paradise Mistaken

Another successful retired police author is Tony Grey,
 whose fiction thriller 'Paradise Mistaken'
is a real page turner:
ideal for beach or whilst waiting at the airport.
Visit his site for more information.

The annual Art Award is made in conjunction with Blundell's School,
For more information
about  Blundell's and the Art Award please see the pages on this site.
Click on BLUNDELL´s above to see the school website.

RNLI Falmouth Lifeboat
link to RNLI Falmouth website
"Looks like the Sat Nav got it wrong again"

Computer generated art by Rachael Maddock

link to Rachael Maddock's website

Long standing friends of Gordon's,
Andrew and Madeleine,  collaborate
with Gordon on various musical projects. 
Full details of their music is on their
web site at Westcountry Music.

Andrew Goddard at Westcountry Music Ltd

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