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The Estudio Campana Art Award for Blundell's School, Tiverton, Devonshire. 

Click here on 'Previous Award Winners'... to see full details of the winners. ( 2003 to 2005 )

Award 2006

Award 2007

Art Award 2008

Art Award 2009

Why the Award?

I am often asked .." Why the art Award ? "   The answer is quite simple.  In the early 50's, I had the pleasure of being a pupil at Blundell's School. Whilst I enjoyed all aspects of my education, I have fond memories of the Art Department and the then Head of Art, William Lyons - Wilson ( 1892 - 1981 ).  He taught me all I know about art and the history of art.  He influenced me in all my work since leaving school, especially watercolour painting.  He was an excellent painter and teacher.

In gratitude for my experience; it was in 2003 that I decided to offer the Estudio Campana Art Award as described below.   I am grateful to the school for accepting my offer. From what I have learned from both the Art Department and past award winners, they also appreciate the gesture in the current format.  

What is it?
Every year Estudio Campana encourages a student from Blundell's School to win the Estudio Campana Art Award.
At present, the award is made on behalf of Estudio Campana by the head of the department selecting the student that shows future promise in any field of art.
A voucher or art supplies are then awarded to the winning student on Speech Day.

How the Award is made.
The Award is made to a student of the Upper Sixth, of the the visual arts only:  that is, students working in Fine Arts, Textiles, Film and Photography.  Made annually by the school, the winner is not necessarily the student who is technically the most brilliant but a student whom the school feels has made the most progress in effort and imagination during the year.


To contact the Art Department at Blundell's School email:  info@blundells.org  

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