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About me


The high light values are ideal for an artist.
On location near Estudio Campana.

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From a very early age, I have been interested in art. At school, I was fortunate in having an art master who had exhibited watercolour paintings at The Royal Academy of Arts, London. He taught me to a very advanced level and I endeavour to recollect all that I was taught whilst painting to this day. I hope I can pass on some tips to others in a practical way. I am a hobby artist having received no professional training. My skill comes from many years of experimentation in assorted mediums. This site will be devoted to examples of such works in all media. I hope you enjoy it and will share your views and comments with me. Estudio Campana is here to be shared with anyone with a genuine interest in any form of art. In the past, users have included family members of all ages, visting students and any casual visitor that made that statement " I can't draw or paint! ".... and was proved so wrong. You can all do it. In a way....."Art is what you see, how that vision inspires you and how you record it. Sometimes, it just happens!"
Choice of subject matter, composition, use of light and the choice of medium to record your work.... all play a big part in success.   Start now...give it a try.
Apart from using paints, brushes and an assortment of implements, I also indulge in photography.  ( 35mm, Digital, still and video.... with an assortment of cameras. )  I have exhibited works in all artistic mediums in UK, Germany, USA and Spain and much to my delight, won prizes!


1954  Blundell's School Form and Art Prize. ( O and A levels School Certificates. )
1954  Entry accepted for Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL.
1954 - 1956 ROYAL AIR FORCE.
1956 - 1987 POLICE SERVICE UK. 
1972  Dortmund, Germany. Watercolour Exhibition.
1972 to 1982. Murals, Ball and stage decorations, Devizes and Salisbury, Wiltshire.
1994  Murals for Italian Restaurant, San Jose, Spain.
1995  Exhibition of Watercolours at San Jose, Spain.
1996  International Security Consultant inc. Olympic Stadium,  OLYMPIC GAMES, ATLANTA, Georgia, USA. 
1997  Watercolour Exhibition IPA, Barcelona, Spain.
1998  Exhibition and award for Photography at Unicaja, Almeria, Spain.
2001  Exhibition and award for Oil painting at Unicaja, Almeria, Spain.
2002  Exhibition and award for Acrylic painting at Unicaja, Almeria, Spain.
2003 to 2007  Annual joint Exhibition at Blundell's School, Tiverton, Devon UK of the work at Estudio Campana, Spain by Gordon and Fiona Maddock. 
2005 Joint Art Exhibition at Luna Park, Retamar, Spain with Fiona Maddock, Vanilla Beer and Alexandro Cano-Cano.
2006- Publication of "FUZZY MEMORIES"
2006- Publication of "FUZZY MOONRAKER MEMORIES"
2008  Exhibition of acrylic painting at " Art Liberating Lives " at The Mall Gallery, London.
2009  Exhibition of watercolours at a Galeria, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.
2009 and 2010  Visiting artist at Andalusian Arts, Cabrera, Spain.
2010  Second Prize winner in National Spanish Photographic competition and exhibition " V Premio de Fotografia, La miranda del viajero "  El legado andalusi y Paradores.
2011   Photographic Exhibitions. La Exposición " La Mirada del Viajero" . Parador de Ronda April 2011 and Parador de Cordoba May 2011.
2012 Publication of "PLINK, PLONK and the PLANKETTES"  
2012 May. Artwork and publicity flier and programmes for the Banstead and Nork Operatic Society production of " CAROUSEL".  
2012 June.  Artwork and publicity flier/programmes for BANAOS for " BRIGHT LIGHTS ON OPENING NIGHT "        
2012  26th July. Photographic Exhibition La Mirada del Viajero at the Parador de Nerjá.  " Pitas at Sunset " ( See photo page on this site for 2012 )
2012 September.  Release of DVD "MEMORIES OF SEVILLA " in collaboration with singer Mabel Pérez with photographs by Gordon Maddock.
2013  La Mirada del Viajero 7ª edicion Photographic Exhibition.
Photograph of child playing by river in Seville accepted for exhibition at Parador Hotels and in a Virtual website exhibition.
2013. June 25th.  Articles published in the Independent, "i" and London Evening Standard Newspapers on " Planning a New Life Abroad". 
2014 February. Photograph of the tiled domes of the cathedral St. Caliz, Valencia published in Art book -  THE STATE OF ART - " Installation and Site Specific "  by Bare Hill Publishing UK.
2014 and 2015.  ART EXHIBITIONS of my work at La Barra, Plaza del Mar, El Toyo, Almeria, Spain from March to end of April.
2015 / 2016. Publication by Bare Hill Publishing  of "THE STATE OF ART"  - Installation & Site Specific 2 Hard back book; taking a look at the work of contemporary artist across the world.  Including my photography " Paddle your own canoe through life "  
 June 2016. Participated in Photographic Exhibition, Blundell's School, Tiverton Devon.
October 2016. ART EXHIBITION - La Barra Restaurant - El Toyo - Almeria..
October 2016. Honorable Mention  Award for landscape photograph of Glaciers in Argentina in the International Photography Competition, Los Angeles, California, USA.
2017 ART EXHIBITION. La Barra Restaurant, El Toyo, Almeria from 1st May until 30th June 2017. 


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